Previous Stevens Recipients

Philip Newcomb (2012), a principal leader in architecture-driven reengineering and modernization, recognized for advancing reliable reengineering of mission-critical and high assurance systems. (USA); 

Barry Boehm (2011), recognized for his profound, insightful, and inspired leadership for industry-wide understanding of software engineering processes, economics, and management (USA); 

Jared Spool (2011), whose quiet evangelism of usability and the practical outcomes of methods and tools has had a wide-ranging influence on how we think about making systems effective (USA); 

Peter Aiken (2010), a leading evangelist of Data Reverse Engineering and data-focused software development techniques and methods (USA); 

Watts Humphrey (2010), founder of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) movement and leader of understanding the software engineering process for organizations, teams, and individuals (USA); 

Larry Constantine (2009), a pioneer of structured methods, quality metrics, interaction design, and user performance in safety-critical applications, he has been a principal thought-leader in the human side of software development (USA); 

Harry Sneed (2008), leading contributor to the practice and principled growth of software maintenance techniques and their industrialization (Germany);

Nicholas Zvegintzov (2007), expert on the practice and understanding of software maintenance across the international software community (USA);

Grady Booch (2006), leader in object-oriented analysis and the development of the Unified Modeling Language [UML] (USA);

Mary Shaw (2005), instrumental in the foundations of software architecture and software engineering education (USA);

Jim Highsmith (2005), advocate and promoter of agile and adaptive methods in software development and project management (USA); 

François Bodart (2004), research leader in practical applications of systems development technologies (Belgium); 

Manny Lehman (2003), authority on software evolution (United Kingdom);

Cordell Green (2002), founder and chairman of Kestrel Institute (USA);

Peter Chen (2001), advocate of entity-relationship modeling (USA);

Gerald Weinberg (2000), noted author on understanding how people and software technology work together (USA);

Tom DeMarco (1999), principal of Atlantic Systems Guild and noted analyst and authority on software project management, methods, and people processes (USA); 

Tom McCabe (1998), software metrics expert and creator of cyclomatic complexity analysis (USA);

Michael Jackson (1997), creator of the Jackson Software Development methods (United Kingdom);

David Harel (1996), professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) and founder of i-Logix and the Statemate toolset; and,

Tony Wasserman (1995), founder and chairman of Interactive Development Environments and researcher on software tools (USA).